Yahoo Doesn’t Like

[Part of my continuing series on an SEO experiment.]

I mentioned earlier than on Patrick McKenzie‘s advice I paid Yahoo! to add to the Yahoo! directory.

I received a “we won’t be accepting your money” email from Yahoo! yesterday:

We’re sorry to report that your site did not qualify for listing using the
Yahoo! Directory Submit service. Yahoo! does not accept listings for
online gambling sites. Online gambling sites are those that
have gambling as their central theme, including those that
accept wagers or require payment in exchange for the chance
to win prizes, as well as sites that offer both information and
links related primarily to the promotion of online gambling.

For this reason, your order has been forwarded to our billing
team for a full refund of the Yahoo! Directory Submit fee.

Frankly, I’m not bothered. I get my money back and I can stick to the “provide useful non-scummy content” strategy.

On a tangent, a good percentage of all the traffic to is coming from Stockholm. Currently 11% and on an upward trend. I have no idea why.