Idea of the Day: DropBox and Poker Copilot

Loyal Poker Copilot customer Keith X shared an elegant and simple way to keep your Poker hand history folders in sync if you play on more than one computer. Say, one at home and one on the road. Keith writes:

Sharing hand histories between two computers is very simple with Dropbox. (Use this link to join up with DropBox and Keith gets an extra 250MB of free storage. Steve.)

Install Dropbox on both systems, it’s stable and much faster than Apple’s iDisk. Make a Poker subfolder inside your Dropbox folder, then do an option-click drag on your history files to copy them into the shared folder. To make things simple, put aliases on your desktops to the hand history folder on each system. At the end of each session copy files to the sharepoint, and whenever you switch systems do a quick copy into your local history folder. It’s super simple to keep in sync, Dropbox does all the heavy lifting.

Sounds great. I wonder if you could even tell the Full Till or PokerStars software to use DropBox directly.

I love DropBox, and I often use it to transfer files between two computers on the same wifi network. Why? Because I don’t need to have both computers on at the same time.