Website Redesign Coming

A few weeks ago I went to the “European Software Conference” in Berlin. More than once I introduced myself and got the response, “I think I’ve read your blog”. Ah, the warm inner glow of name recognition and ephemeral fame.

I learnt many things, met many people, and drank a lot of fine German beer at the conference. I jotted down notes all through the conference, notes about improving my software, improving my marketing, improving my customer support, and improving my sales. Afterwards I summarised my notes into a “Post-Conference to-do list”, which I keep on my Mac desktop, as a continual reminder to actually do the things within.

Amazingly, I’ve actually been working through the list, although sporadically. The next major item on my list to get the Poker Copilot website redesigned by a professional. I heard often that this is an important step to improving sales for small software companies. I’ve found the person I would like to do this, but as this will be the largest amount of money I’ve spent on a single part of Poker Copilot, I’m still a little hesitant. Nevertheless I’ve made the decision and I’ll stick to it.