The 6 Best Poker Podcasts

best poker podcasts

With the top players earning in excess of $20 million from poker, it’s not surprising many want to discover what makes them tick. How can you be the next David Negreanu or Phil Ivey? How do you become a shark?

The reality is, as with any major sport or game, the mega-bucks will be beyond most of us. Yet, with some nous and hard work, it’s possible to make a good living from poker.

You need to prepare, do your research, and analyze the other players as much as you can. There is a little bit of science to the art form of poker.

The only way to get ahead is to constantly learn about new ideas and listen to leading poker influencers. They will think differently to the way you do and offer an unique perspective. One of the best ways to do this on a daily basis is to listen to some of the best poker podcasts.

Therefore, we have decided to put together some of the very best poker podcasts for 2018:

1. Red Chip Poker Podcasts

Red Chip Podcast


Training site Red Chip Poker runs a weekly podcast, hosted by Zac Shaw. With over one million downloads, each episode is designed to deliver some killer strategy and tips.

Featuring some of the top poker coaches, Zac’s shows cover the various different formats, games, and limits. An added bonus is that it is not solely focused on online poker either, with some episodes providing advice on live game strategy too.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, this podcast should be an integral part of your weekly listening list.

2. Jonathan Little Podcasts

Jonathan Little


Leading poker player, Jonathan Little, hosts the “Weekly Poker Hand” podcast. As the title suggests, every Thursday, Little goes through one poker hand in great detail which makes this one stand out. This kind of perspective can boost your EV judgment and give you some epic strategic tips.

The insight of a Top-100 player can be invaluable as you’re developing your poker skills. Little’s site is worth checking out too, and as a published author and coach, you have the opportunity to listen to top draw advice. For free.

3. TwoPlusTwo Pokercast



Any serious poker player out there will have heard of TwoPlusTwo. It’s the largest online poker community and has tons of information on all aspects of the game. There’s advice on strategy, lifestyle, and all the latest news. It has been running since 2008, making it one of the oldest poker sites around.

In part due to its place in the heart of the poker community, the TwoPlusTwo podcast is unmissable listening. Packed with interviews from leading players and coaches, the episodes are full of unique insights and advice. But not only that, the podcast occasionally throws up some crazy stories and bets that will brighten up your day.

4. Poker Life



Created and hosted by Joe Ingram, this podcast focuses more on the lifestyle of leading poker players. Nonetheless, the interviews do reveal some invaluable insights into poker strategy. You’ll also get to learn about their daily routines, habits, and how they improve their skills. Of course, there are also some pretty wild Vegas stories too.

The one minor downside to Poker Life is the podcasts are not updated at regular intervals. Joe uploads them whenever he gets an interview but it’s worth checking on a weekly basis.

If you’re looking for engaging, fun, and revealing podcasts, then this is a good place to start.

5. Ante Up Podcasts

Ante Up podcast


Running since 2005, the Ante Up PokerCast has the honor of being the original poker podcast. Uploading on a weekly basis without fail for over 12 years, the PokerCast includes regular segments such as O’Mally’s move and Hand of the Week.

Other topics include the latest poker news, key events, and interviews with leading players. There’s a healthy dose of humor thrown in as well and retains a loyal following. You can also listen to old pokercasts from as far back as 2007.

Check in every Friday for a new episode.

6. Thinking Poker Podcast

Thinking Mans poker


Released on a weekly basis, the Thinking Poker Podcast is one of the most respected. It contains episodes on strategy, lifestyle, and poker news and is hosted by Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis.

The podcast features exclusive interviews with leading poker personalities. These interviews give you the opportunity to learn a thing or two about their career. The podcast delivers a deep insight into the life of a poker player and brings you some details from behind the scenes. You will get to know some hidden secrets of the game from the insiders of the poker world.

Andrew and Nate occasionally review poker books to give you yet another source for new ideas. The best thing is that the team brings some next level strategy to the table but manage to explain it in an eloquent way. Sometimes, they even review specific poker hands to give you a better illustration of real-world situations.

Clearly there’s much to learn from this formidable duo.


As we all know, poker is a complex game involving strategy and skills. Therefore, you will always need to stay on top of the latest ideas and news. Podcasts are a great way to do this on the move.

The six we have mentioned all bring something to the table. They all give a high level of insight into the minds of leading poker players. The tips on strategy and reviews of specific hands can give you invaluable support as you develop your skills.

As a result, podcasts should be an integral part of your poker learning experience.