Poker Copilot 6’s Improved Hand Filtering

Poker Copilot 6 adds some great improvements to the filter bar.

Video Transcript:

In Poker Copilot 6 we made several improvements to the filtering system. It is easier than ever to find the right hands for review.

The first improvement: you can customise which filters appear.

Just click on this drop-down menu and here you can select which filters you want to be available.

So we can add “Poker Network”, and let’s add “Statistics”. “Starred Hands” interests us. Perhaps you always play “No Limit Hold’em” and don’t need the “Game Type” filter. Remove that.

Notice the filter bar has immediately adjusted to show these filtering options.

The second improvement: most filters are now multiple-select.

I can show the hands that were 5-max or 6-max. I can show hands where I was in the small blind, or the big blind, or on the button.

Notice that as I add and remove positions, the data onscreen changes immediately.

The third improvement: We’ve made it possible to save your favourite filters.

Just click on this “Save Filter” link. A name is suggested for us. So let’s use that.

As soon as we saved, a new drop-down appeared on the filter bar. From here you can select the filters you saved.

Let’s reset that filter. I’ll make another for Poker Stars… let’s go for 3-max. We can use this as a Spin & Go filter. So I’ll call it Spin & Go.

Now we have two saved filters in this drop-down.

With a single click, select a saved filter and immediately all the filters change and the data onscreen changes.

We believe this will be a popular improvement for hand reviews and will help you improve your poker game.