Poker Copilot 6.01 Now Available; Manual Update Required

We’ve released our first update to Poker Copilot 6 today. Unfortunately we’ve now discovered that a bug sneaked into the initial release of Poker Copilot (version 6.00) that stops our auto-updating from working.

If you downloaded and installed Poker Copilot 6.00, you’ll get a notification today that a new update is available. But when you click “Update Now”, you’ll be told that you have the latest version.

How to get Poker Copilot 6.01

Go to our website home page and click “Download Now”. Install it as you would normally if you were installing new software.

This problem only exists in Poker Copilot 6.00. Once you’ve updated to version 6.01, the auto-updater will work in the future.

Our apologies for the confusion.