macOS Sierra is Here – and Poker Copilot loves it

Apple’s newest Mac operating system update, nicknamed macOS Sierra, was released two days ago. Poker Copilot works fully on macoS Sierra, completely, with no known issues.

What’s new in Sierra? Not much really. The most notable change is in the name. We used to run “Mac OS X” on our computers. A few years ago the word “Mac” was dropped, leaving us with “OS X”. Now, to fit the pattern of Apple’s iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, Apple has done something straight out of 1984’s “Ministry of Information”, and changed the name, both now and historically, to “macOS”.

A couple of other changes:

  • Siri, well known and inspirer of awe and awful frustration, is now present via a click on the menu bar. I turned Siri off pretty quickly, and she (it?) seemed unable to understand just about any request I posed. Put this in the category of “software released before it is ready”. This is the marquee feature for Sierra and, for me at least, it really doesn’t work.
  • Get help freeing up disk space on your Mac. This is nifty, but somewhat hidden.  Click on the Apple icon on the menu bar, select “About This Mac”, click on “Storage”, and finally “Manage…” This opens the tool:

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.32.39 am

I like the “Empty Trash Automatically” option; files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days are removed forever.

Other than a few small tweaks to apps like Photos, that’s just about it for noticeable changes in Sierra. Really.

But update anyway. It is a free update for all Mac users.