Coming changes to PartyPoker cash games and Poker Copilot

PartyPoker announced yesterday that as of October 5th, they’ll be making cash game hand histories anonymous. What this probably means for Poker Copilot:

  • The HUD probably won’t work with PartyPoker cash games
  • The HUD will still work with PartyPoker tournaments
  • Hand tracking will still show accurate statistics for you, the hero, as your player name won’t be replaced in the hand history with an anonymous replacement.
  • The hand replayer and leak detectors will still work fully on Party Poker.
  • There will (still) be no HUD on Fast Forward, which is PartyPoker’s “fast fold” variant.
  • PartyPoker says Fast Forward hands won’t be anonymous, which means hand tracking will still work with Fast Forward hands
  • This probably will affect all PartyPoker skins, such as PMU Poker, bwin, GiocoDigitale, Premium, and all the country specific versions of PartyPoker and bwin such as and

We can’t be be certain that this is correct until PartyPoker releases the update with these changes. We’ll endeavour to have a Poker Copilot update released within 24 hours of PartyPoker’s release, accommodating these changes as much as possible.

In my opinion, it is possible that PartyPoker will reverse these changes if they prove to be unpopular and cause an exodus of many regulars. We saw a similar reversal last year from Merge Network, who turned hand histories off altogether, only to reverse their decision soon after.