PokerStars now shows hole cards for all-in players

This is an interesting change by PokerStars: if a player is in an all-in showdown, their cards are displayed on the screen:

Previously only tournaments would immediately show hole cards before running out the board and cash game players would be able to hide their cards, with only the winning hand forced to show.

This has now changed and hole cards in cash games will be displayed in every All-in scenario.

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Poker Copilot gives you this functionality once the hand is over, by displaying all known hole cards for a few seconds immediately after a hand is over. This feature will be less useful now for PokerStars players. You can turn this off in Poker Copilot’s Preferences -> Head-up Display -> General -> Show mucked cards:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.51.26 AM

There is a good reason for leaving “show mucked cards” feature on in Poker Copilot; it also shows your all-in equity value if you were involved in the hand. It is a great way to tell immediately whether you made a terrible decision and need to mark the hand for review.