Poker Copilot and OS X 10.12, aka macOS 10.12, aka macOS Sierra

Short version: Poker Copilot fully on macOS Sierra.

Long version:

Apple recently made a preview version of the next OS X update available for developers. They’ve renamed OS X as macOS. The new version will be macOS Sierra (version 10.12). It will be available for the public later this year.

Today I downloaded and installed a developer preview of macOS Sierra. It looks and feels exactly like the current version of OS X, with the exception of Siri. Siri, the voice assistant from iPhones and iPads, is now part of macOS. It doesn’t seem to work very well. I speak, Siri mishears and does something I didn’t want done. She refuses to undo the thing she actually did. I then need to use the keyboard and mouse to get rid of what Siri did and do what I asked Siri to do. Siri seems like a marketing gimmick, rather than a useful operating system feature.

Anyway, back to Poker Copilot. It worked without a single problem. As a developer of a software product, I’m grateful that an operating system update is so uneventful. As a geek, I wish the new OS X update did new, amazing things.

So, if you need or want to update to macOS Sierra, you can be sure that Poker Copilot still runs.