iPoker skins come, and iPoker skins go

EverestPoker was on the iPoker network. They recently decided to close down, and concentrate on their other iPoker skin, BetClic Poker. So today’s Poker Copilot update adds support for:

  • BetClic Poker
  • BetClic Poker.IT (for poker players in Italy)
  • BetClic Poker.FR (for poker players in France)

iPoker has two different versions of the software. Here at Poker Copilot, we’ve given the two versions rather obvious names: “iPoker Old Software” and “iPoker New Software”. Currently we support both versions, but we do need to make small changes each time a given skin switch from the old software to the new software. If your favourite iPoker skin is not working in Poker Copilot, do let us know at support@pokercopilot.com and we’ll soon rectify the situation.