Introduction to Poker HUD (video)

Are you new to Poker Copilot? Not used a poker HUD before? Want to see the HUD in action? Then you’ll want to watch this video:

You’ll see what a poker HUD looks like. You’ll get an explanation of what a poker HUD shows. And you’ll see how easy it is to customise Poker Copilot’s HUD directly from the poker table.

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Things you’ll see in this video:

  • what the HUD shows.
  • learn what the numbers labelled VPIP, PFR, Agg mean.
  • how to change the location of a HUD panel
  • how to make the HUD more compact, by turning off player names and turning off labels
  • what “table stats” are and how to turn them off
  • how to temporarily turn the HUD off, and back on again
  • how to access a much larger set of HUD customisation options