Poker Copilot now works with America’s Cardroom

If you play poker online and live in the USA, you may already be using America’s Cardroom. It is a skin for Winning Poker Network. It is currently their only skin that has Mac software.

Today we released Poker Copilot 5.37, which adds support for America’s Cardroom, on both Mac and Windows. It is experimental; sometimes the volume of play is quite low, so we’ve been unable to properly test some scenarios.

Do make sure to set your preferred seat in America’s Cardroom, and in Poker Copilot’s Preferences -> Poker Rooms.

If you play on America’s Cardroom and have found any problems with Poker Copilot’s support for this poker room, please let us know by using our “Report an Issue…” system: within Poker Copilot, from the Help menu, select “Report an Issue…”.

Is there another Winning Poker Network skin you’d like added to Poker Copilot? If so, let us know at