How’s your positional awareness?

Changing your play according to your position is one of the first things you learn about poker. When you are on the button you can play some hands that you would fold under the gun. The closer you are to the button, the more willing you should be to put chips in the pot. That’s because you get more information when you are on the button – all players except the blinds have had to choose whether to call, fold, or raise, and have therefore given you some info about their hand strength.

But are you actually doing it correctly? Are you correctly adjusting your willingness to put in chips based on your position around the poker table? If your positional awareness is not optimal, you’ve got a leak in your game. A leak in your game means you are losing money you shouldn’t be losing.

Poker Copilot’s “Positional Awareness” leak detector can tell you whether your positional awareness is good. Watch this video to find out how: