Record an entire tournament as a video

Coming in the next Poker Copilot is a feature that has long been on our list of requested features: record multiple hands into one video. Typically this is so you can record a whole tournament to share with your poker coach.

It required us to change the way we created the videos – the approach we were using was fine for a single hand, but wasn’t going to work for a large group of hands.

Here’s how it works:

  1. view a table of hands in Poker Copilot. For example, “Recent Hands”, or drill down into a “Recent Tournament”
  2. in the table, select the hands you want to record. Hold down the shift key while selecting hands so that you can select multiple hands. Or press Cmd+A to select ALL the hands in the table.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the selection. A drop-down menu appears. Select “Record Selected Hands to Video”
  4. Choose a name for the video, click “Start”, wait a moment

Now you have a video! You can open it in QuickTime or with another video player, such as VLC. You can upload it to YouTube.

Here’s a video showing it in action.