Poker Copilot suddenly stopped recognising PokerStars: how to solve

In recent days, some Poker Copilot customers have suddenly found that PokerStars is no longer recognised by Poker Copilot. The problem is that PokerStars has updated, and strangely, renamed itself as “PokerStars 2” or “PokerStars 3”.

This is also affecting country-specific versions such as PokerStarsDE, PokerStarsIT, PokerStarsFR, and PokerStarsBE. It has suddenly renamed itself to, for example, PokerStarsDE 2, or PokerStarsFR 2.

The solution is simple: go to your Applications folder and rename the application to its original name. So, rename “PokerStars 2” to “PokerStars”. Make sure to delete both the space character and the number 2.

Then restart Poker Copilot, and you’ll find that it now detects PokerStars again.

The next Poker Copilot update will attempt to recognise “PokerStars 2” or “PokerStars 3” as PokerStars.