888poker takes over bwin.party

This is a big merger: according to Bloomberg, 888poker is buying bwin.party for US$1.4 Billion.

bwin.party is already a product of the 2011 merging of bwinPoker and partypoker.

When bwin and partypoker merged, it led to a painful time for Poker Copilot support as a series of updates/switchovers of skins occurred spread out over two years. This led to many awkward user problems to solve. As a consequence we improved the information we obtain from Poker Copilot’s built-in Report an issue… feature.

Now I’m immediately wondering whether this new takeover will lead to another series of such painful switchovers.

Poker Copilot supports 888poker, partypoker, and bwinPoker.

We’ll keep Poker Copilot updated regularly to work with whatever changes this takeover entails.