Poker Copilot and OS X “El Capitan”

Apple has made the upcoming OS X 10.11 update (El Capitan) available for developers. Does Poker Copilot run on El Capitan? Yes, but with a couple of glitches.

I managed to play a Winamax session on OS X El Capitan with Poker Copilot’s HUD. Things seemed normal and smooth. But Poker Copilot’s main window has a couple of glitches. I’ve investigated and found that these are problems with Java on El Capitan, upon which Poker Copilot is built. We’ll stay alert to this issue, but ultimately, we’ll rely on Apple and/or Oracle (who make Java) to have a fix ready before El Capitan is released.

In summary: you can already use Poker Copilot on OS X El Capitan.