Poker Copilot 5.16 Now Available

Poker Copilot 5.16 is now available to download.

This update has many small fixes and improvements. The most important changes are:

  • Fully translated into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian (except this update message).
  • SharkScope “Reset” icon and info is shown for players who have reset their statistics.
  • Hand replayer now supports five-max, seven-max, and eight-max tables.
  • Fix: PokerStars theme is now correctly detected; a recent PokerStars update broke this.
  • Fix: 888 poker preferred seat detection and client language detection improved.
  • Fix: GD Poker (Ongame skin) detected
  • HUD: Mucked cards popup panel now shows hero all-in equity % if relevant
  • Fix: HUD panel flickering no longer happens if you have the PokerStars replayer open
  • iPoker hands now imported