Poker Copilot 5.13 Now Available

Poker Copilot 5.13 is now available to download.

This update has many small tweaks and fixes. The most important changes are:

  • Fix: The HUD works again on Merge Network rooms, including CarbonPoker, Players Only, and Sportsbook Poker. Due to changes to their software, we can no longer automatically detect your preferred seat on these rooms. You’ll need to set your preferred seat in Poker Copilot’s preferences -> “Poker Room” -> “Merge Network” -> “Preferred Seat”.
  • Fix: now supported.
  • Fix: 888 poker hands no longer crash the hand replayer.
  • Fix: 888 poker hands no longer crash the HUD.
  • Fix: Fetching seat info from SharkScope for Winamax now works on multi-table tournaments.
  • Change: Revised “fold to 3-bet” statistic so that it only includes the situations where you made the initial raise.
  • Fix: Revolution Network 10-max tables were sometimes identified as 9-max, breaking the HUD
  • Fix: Winamax tournament wins that have both a cash component AND a ticket are now correctly imported
  • Translations: Russian translation improved.