SeeingStars Beta Now Available

Over the last four months, I’ve been working slowly in my spare time on an alternative/companion product for online poker players on Mac OS X, called SeeingStars. It is a much simpler program, aimed at people, for example, who want to understand better how your odds of winning change when you hit or miss the flop. It shows odds in realtime on PokerStars, updated as each player folds and as the flop, turn, and river appear. It is now in beta testing. You can take part by downloading SeeingStars here.

If you purchase SeeingStars during the beta testing period, you will receive a 60% discount. Consider this a financial encouragement to take part in the beta test program. The beta testing program (and hence, full release of SeeingStars) is scheduled for Monday, 17th February. As of writing that is in five days time.