Problems with Poker Copilot 4.18 + PokerStarsFR

I’m stumped. Many people who use PokerStarsFR are reporting that Poker Copilot 4.18 is not showing the HUD on PokerStarsFR. I can’t reproduce this. I’ve used a VPN to make my computer look like I’m in France, so that I could open a new PokerStars account for PokerStarsFR. I set it to run in French. I play some hands. The HUD works for me. Like clockwork. And yet for many people in France it doesn’t. Winamax is fine. Full Tilt Poker is fine. PokerStars? Not fine.

I’m sure that once I can reproduce this, I’ll be able to solve it quickly.

For now, the best solution I can offer is to download Poker Copilot 4.16 from here. But be assured, this problem is getting my full attention.