Poker Copilot "Dallas" Update

(Poker Copilot 4 is under development. Buy version 3 now, beat the price rise, and receive a free upgrade to version 4 when it is released.)

If you’ve been trying the early access builds of Poker Copilot 4, then here’s some news: As of now, Poker Copilot 4 no longer has a separate database and settings from Poker Copilot 3. When you next download and try Poker Copilot 4, your existing Poker Copilot 3 database will be detected and upgraded to Poker Copilot 4.

Some other things to note:

  • While your database is updating, you can’t use Poker Copilot 4. After the database update, Poker Copilot will spend some time recalculating your statistics. While this is happening, you can use Poker Copilot 4, but note that not all hands will show in your statistics until the recalculation is complete.
  • If you play on Winamax, you’ll need to set your preferred Winamax set again in Poker Copilot 4. All other settings are copied from Poker Copilot 3 to Poker Copilot 4.

The last couple of weeks has been a time to let Poker Copilot 4 “settle”, as the last major bugs get flushed out. So I’ve used that time to see parts of the Caribbean. I’m writing from the departure lounge at Barbados Airport, waiting for a flight to Guyana. Ricki Lake is playing on the departure lounge television. Loudly. I don’t like this show. But I do like running a one-person software company, where I can work and travel.

Apropos of nothing, here’s a photo from where I was staying and working yesterday, in Dominica:

IMG 0353