Winamax website now in English

My favourite Mac poker room is Winamax, a French operation. Why is Winamax my favourite? Because the team behind the poker room is really switched on, their software is great, and the operation is well-run. Whenever I have contact with a Winamax employee, I know that they’ll listen and respond. For example, some time ago when I asked them to add tournament summaries to their hand history folders, they didn’t say, “we’ll think about it.” They said, “How would you like them to be formatted?” Because of this attitude, Poker Copilot is able to fully support Winamax.

So good news: their software and their website is now available in English, as well as French. They accept players from all of Europe (except Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein).

And for existing Winamax players: if you didn’t know this, you can buy Poker Copilot from the Winamax shop using “Winamax miles”.