Retina + PCP Dallas = Problem

I’ve just hit a major roadblock with PCP Dallas (the forthcoming Poker Copilot 4). It looks blurry with Retina displays. One of the tasks on my “get PCP Dallas done” list is to make sure things work well with Retina. As that involved buying a new, expensive MacBook Pro to replace an older model that I still find satisfactory, I left the task aside for awhile. However I decided to follow my view that “good software development requires a well-equipped office”. I spent the money and ordered a new MacBook Pro with Retina display. It arrived today.

The results of running Poker Copilot on a Retina display? Poker Copilot 3 looks great. PCP Dallas? Unacceptable, in my opinion.

After doing some research, it seems this is a known issue in Java 7. Oracle, who make Java, will fix this in due time, but they haven’t publicised a fix date.

Apple has been encouraging us Mac+Java developers to move to Java 7 and to embed it in our software. So I followed their suggestion. I think perhaps they are encouraging us to do so prematurely.

I don’t know the solution to these problems yet.