I Learn Again to Use the Release Checklist

Every time I release an update of Poker Copilot, I open up a checklist with each thing I must do. Over the last few years, the list has been refined, shortened, automated where possible, made clearer. I was partly motivated by the excellent The Checklist Manifesto.

Once or twice, I’ve not bothered following the checklist, and things have gone wrong. By now I should have learnt. But with the most recent update to Poker Copilot 3.26, I worked through half the list, and did the rest from memory. I forgot to perform this important step:

Step 6: Manually perform full download and install.

I didn’t do that step, and therefore didn’t realise for two days that I had a broken full downloader on the site. Sigh. I’m reminded again, that the purpose of the checklist is to avoid these situations that tend to be rather poor for sales.

If you tried in the last couple of days to download Poker Copilot, and it didn’t work, sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s now fixed. You can download from the home page or directly using this link.