Congratulations to FastSpring for Inc 500 Award

For Poker Copilot’s e-commerce, I use a service called FastSpring. They handle the credit card verification, fraud detection, payment processing, and “thanks for buying” email generation. I’ve been using FastSpring with Poker Copilot since the beginning, when FastSpring was a relative newcomer in a field where many of the competitors had a bad reputation. Many of the incumbents – well, mainly just one incumbent that went by many names – had a reputation for not particularly caring for either their customers nor for their customers’ customers. They tended to make decisions that favoured themselves in the short-term. Other companies weren’t keeping up with the times.

I admire FastSpring for keeping to a policy of excellent customer service, even as they have experienced year after year of rapid growth. In four years of selling Poker Copilot, I’ve never once seriously entertained the idea of moving to another e-commerce partner. Their offering keeps improving. Every customer support issue I’ve had with them has been handled immediately. I’m certainly not one of FastSpring’s large customers, but they always treat me as if I am.

That’s why I’m happy to see that FastSpring has received its 3rd consecutive annual Inc. 500 award for fastest-growing private US companies.

If you sell software or other digital merchandise online I recommend considering FastSpring as your e-commerce partner.