Coming in the Next Update: Resizeable Hand Replayer

Up till now Poker Copilot’s hand replayer has always been at a fixed size. The next update will allow you to resize the replayer. Instead of this:

Screen Shot 2012 07 16 at 3 56 09 PM

You can have this:

Screen Shot 2012 07 16 at 3 56 02 PM

I’ll state clearly now that this is not perfect. The cards don’t scale well, as the card graphics I have are intended to be used at a pretty small size. At a large size they look like they are from an 80’s video game. I looked around the Internet for some free scaleable playing card graphics, but the ones I found were not suitable. They look good when large, but have to

o much detail when small. If you know of some good, free, playing card graphics I can use for the replayer please do let me know.