Merge Network’s new update and Poker Copilot

Merge poker rooms such as Carbon Poker released an update overnight. Unfortunately there seem to be initial problems with this update. For me, at least, Carbon Poker is no longer saving hand history files, even though I’ve checked that it is enabled.

What this means for Poker Copilot: until Merge fix this, Poker Copilot won’t work with Carbon and other Merge Network rooms. There is no work-around; without hand history files, Poker Copilot has no data! Sorry.

Has anyone successfully got the new Carbon client to save hand history files?

Screen Shot 2012 06 06 at 2 08 57 PM

My first suspicion is that the problem was Carbon’s default location for saving hand history files – into the App’s own bundle. This is a no-no on Mac OS X – the app bundle should be considered read-only. I tried changing to another location but still had no joy.

(Merge development team: if you are reading this, I’m offering to help test your Mac software to make sure it will work with tracking software such as Poker Copilot.)