Making the Poker Copilot demo video work on an iPad?

Poker Copilot has a nice demo video. (Watch it if you haven’t seen it.) I recently got myself an iPad. The video doesn’t work on an iPad. That’s because the video uses Flash, and Flash is absent from iPads.

So I thought I’d change the video to use HTML5’s built-in video player. Oh but that won’t work on Internet Explorer 8. It’s an issue but not a huge one. But huger is that using video on HTML5 is a mess, if you want to support multiple devices and browsers. From Dive into HTML5:

There is no single combination of containers and codecs that works in all HTML5 browsers.

This is not likely to change in the near future.

To make your video watchable across all of these devices and platforms, you’re going to need to encode your video more than once.

Video, in this YouTube era, should by now be easy to supply. Sometimes we in the software industry make a real hash out of things.