Lock Poker and Poker Copilot

Poker Copilot does not support the current Mac version of Lock Poker. There are two reasons:

1) Lock Poker for OS X is currently actually a wrapped Windows version. This means that the poker windows can’t be detected through existing Mac programming techniques. Which means I can’t make the Poker Copilot HUD with Lock Poker

2) The hand history files seem to partly anonymise player names. This makes it hard to build up a database of player statistics. You might encounter the same player on five different tables, and each time the player’s name will be different. Until this changes, hand tracking is not useful.

As soon as Lock releases a native Mac version, I’ll reassess. On the 2+2 poker forums, a customer support guy for Lock says there is something in the works. However, I’d expect it to be some months before they will have it complete.