A Poker Copilot work-around for Merge Network idiosyncracies

In Merge Network tournaments, sometimes the amount of the big blind is not specified. This happens if a player goes all-in in the process of paying the blind. As of the next update, Poker Copilot uses some smarts to guess the big blind in these situations.

Here’s an excerpt of a merge network hand with this issue:

In these situations Poker Copilot now tries to determine the big blind by doubling the small blind. If the small blind is missing as well, then Poker Copilot looks at the previous hand parsed from the same hand history file and uses the blind info from that hand. This can occasionally still be wrong, as the blinds might have increased since the previous hand. Or this might be the first hand in a hand history file.

Poker Copilot has dozens of such heuristics, coping with different oddities in different poker rooms.