Coming in the next update: FALSE filters

Currently Poker Copilot lets you filter by any statistic, but only if that statistic is true. For example, you can filter for all hands in which you had a 4-bet opportunity. But you can’t filter for hands in which you DIDN’T have a 4-bet opportunity.

The next update changes this. The Advanced filter lets you select “is true”, and “is false”:

Screen Shot 2012 04 12 at 12 49 17 PM


The filter bar indicates “is true” and “is false” with a plus or minus sign in front for the relevant statistic:

Screen Shot 2012 04 12 at 12 50 07 PM

I added this out of my own frustration. Sometimes I’m trying to pinpoint a problem and I determine that the problem DOESN’T lie in a particular “statistic is true” setting. To inverse the filter I’ve had to go manually to the database. Not any more.