Poker Copilot Russian Translation Updated

One of the things I wanted to get into order before releasing Poker Copilot 3 is the Russian translation. I have a small but steady stream of Russian customers and I suspect that with some concerted effort I can increase the importance of the Russian-speaking world to my sales.

The Russian translation of Poker Copilot is now complete:

Screen Shot 2012 02 02 at 7 23 01 PM

You can download an unofficial update of Poker Copilot now with the following recent improvements:

  • Russian translation
  • Other translations updated
  • Optionally ignore old hand history files
  • 2+2 forums hand formatter
  • Rake info in the Advanced Dashboard
  • Some bugs fixed in Ongame Network support
  • Improvement in the HUD popup panel appearance
  • Extra row of HUD stats

Here is the download:

Or you can wait a couple of days at the most for the official release of Poker Copilot 3.