Poker Copilot 3 Available Now


Meet Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar. They are the three Poker Copilot kings. And together they are announcing the release of Poker Copilot 3. It’s available now for download.

Poker Copilot 3 costs US$69 or 55 euros. Existing Poker Copilot customers can update to Poker Copilot 3 for free.

The new features in Poker Copilot 3 have been added to Poker Copilot 2 gradually over recent months. The new features include:

  • Optionally ignore old hand history files
  • 2+2 forums hand formatter
  • Rake info in the Advanced Dashboard
  • Improvement in the HUD popup panel appearance
  • Extra row of HUD stats
  • Two HUD layouts – one for ring games and one for tournaments
  • Search tournaments with free text search
  • The bottom bar now includes more info – # of tournaments and database size
  • You can view the all-in equity chart in currency ($) or in big blinds (BB)
  • Searching for players and tournaments tells you how many matches you have
  • You can use Poker Copilot in any available language without changing your computer’s language
  • There’s also many small bug fixes and user interface tweaks that should give you a better poker tracking experience