Improvement to HUD Font Chooser

I write Poker Copilot in Java. Java doesn’t have a nice font chooser. There are a couple of free substandard ones available on the web. I’ve been using one supplied with JFreeChart, the open source java charting library that I use in Poker Copilot. It is good enough, and gets the job done, but the source code includes comments that state that it is a “barely good-enough” solution. Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2012 02 22 at 5 55 26 PM

The “Help” button doesn’t do anything. The list of fonts always initially displays the first options, rather than the currently selection option. There is no preview. It wasn’t using Poker Copilot’s translations.

I’ve long been unhappy with the font chooser in Poker Copilot, but I was also aware that this was a symptom of my perfectionism, and that spending time on a better font chooser was not going to earn me a single additional sale. So I kept putting off. Until today, when I decided to fix this. So I spent a pleasant afternoon starting with the JFreeChart code and tweaking it, tweaking it, tweaking it, using the native OS X font chooser, until I had something I’m happier with:

Screen Shot 2012 02 22 at 5 51 10 PM

It is better and more usable, although I’d still rather be able to use the native font chooser. And yes, this does now allow you to choose 7 point fonts.

Addendum: You really wouldn’t want to use Georgia Bold Italic 16.0 point as your HUD font…