Small Tweaks in Poker Copilot Preferences

Showing Hand History Folders in Finder

In Mac OS X Lion, Finder doesn’t show the “Library” folder anymore(although there are several ways to access it). Some online poker rooms supported by Poker Copilot store their hand history files within Library, so to help you get to these files, I’ve added “Show in Finder” to Poker Copilot’s list of hand history folders:

Screen Shot 2012 01 26 at 4 35 00 PM

This will force the folder to appear in Finder.


Incomplete Language Packs

Some of Poker Copilot’s translations are quite incomplete. I think it may be jarring for some people to use half-translated software. So I’ve categorised several of the translation packs as “incomplete”. They are currently Spanish (Spain), Russian, Polish. Portuguese (Portugal), and Portuguese (Brazil). From the next update, Poker Copilot won’t use any of these translations until I mark them as complete. However you can override this:

Screen Shot 2012 01 26 at 4 38 49 PM

This is a temporary preference, which I’ll remove once all the translations are complete enough.