Poker Copilot Website in French

The Poker Copilot website is now available in French. See it here. If you are a native French speaker, your feedback is welcome. Some of the poker terms may need modification.

A few things I’ve learnt from the French and Spanish translations:

  • Outsourcing is wonderful – if you find the right supplier. You give someone a task. You answer a couple of emails seeking further information. You spend a few days with your visiting friends enjoying Barcelona over New Year’s Eve. You receive the finished work. You do a few small changes. You upload, pay your supplier, and you are done.
  • French domain names (.fr) are expensive compared to .com, .es, and
  • Changing language can lead to unexpected layout problems
  • Translating a website involves more than just changing the text. You also need to think about where off-site links lead, about which currency to display, and whether additional information needs to be translated or changed.