One Person with Two Accounts Playing on Ongame?

I suspect a person can create an account with one Ongame partner, create a second account with another Ongame partner, and play on both accounts at the same table at the same time. I’m not certain as I didn’t want to test this and get my accounts banned.

In trying to understand how the different Ongame Network clients prevent hand history files from interfering with each other, I played on two Ongame partners at once: bwin and Betfair. I signed in as notasteve on bwin, and as stevoski222 on Betfair.

I went to the play tables, and played on two different tables, one per account. However I noticed that I could see the same tables, and – potentially – play at the same table with two different user accounts.

Screen Shot 2012 01 27 at 6 30 00 PM

Same IP address, same computer, same tables, different Ongame partners, different accounts. I think Ongame ought to fix this quickly.