New Unofficial Update

Download this unofficial update here.

This update adds:

  • two HUD layouts – one for ring games and one for tournaments.
  • much better Merge Network HUD support.

This update still doesn’t work for Mac OS X 10.5 – I’m still working on that problem.

Merge Network Notes

Until recently Poker Copilot had to guess the table size of Merge Network poker rooms. I noticed that Merge has added this information to hand history files, so now Poker Copilot can correctly determine the size of the table. This is a particular improvement for tournaments.

To fully benefit from this improvement, please make sure you’ve set a preferred seat in your Merge Network poker room for each table size that you are playing on, and that you’ve set the corresponding preferred seat in Poker Copilot (Preferences -> Poker Rooms -> Lock Poker). Also, you’ll need to drag each HUD panel to the place you want it initially. After that, they should stay where you put them.