Poker Copilot Still Not Coming to App Store

So the news here is that nothing is happening…

Poker Copilot has been ineligible to be added to the App Store until Apple and Oracle completed Java 7 for Mac OS X. Work was coming along well, I’ve been trying all developer-only releases, and sending feedback and bug reports to Apple/Oracle.

But then, a couple of days ago, Apple announced that as of March 2012, applications available in the App Store will have to be “sandboxed”. This means, they won’t have access to other program’s files and info. Which means that a program like Poker Copilot would not be able to interact with a program like PokerStars. Which means Poker Copilot won’t be making it into the App Store.

I’m a bit disappointed, as this has been a goal I’ve been working towards for months.