Desperately Seeking Help to Solve the Crashing Problem

If you are one of the people who can’t use Poker Copilot 2.97 (the current update), can I beg you to do the following?


1. Please send me this file from your computer:/Users/[your mac os x user name]/Library/Logs/Poker Copilot.log

You can send it to If you are using Mac OS X Lion, here’s a tip on how to get to the Library folder:

2. (for the technically savvy):

a) Open Terminal
b) Type 
cd /Applications/Poker\ Copilot\ 
and press enter
c) Type 
./Poker\ Copilot\ 2 
and press enter
d) When Poker Copilot crashes there will be some error messages dumped to the terminal. Copy and paste that into an email and send it to me at


This info will help me solve the problem.