End of a Troublesome Week

I was confronted with two Poker Copilot problems:

  1. some users couldn’t run Poker Copilot 2.97 and I didn’t know why
  2. multi-tablers were reporting significant lag problems that weren’t there until recently

Trying to solve both problems at once is awkward. While finding and fixing the problems, I was also getting an overflowing inbox which I needed to keep up with. But with the help from some patient, persistent, loyal Poker Copilot customers, who tried test builds and sent me the feedback I needed I got there. Thanks all who assisted.

So yesterday’s informal update will become the official 2.98 today.

2.98…next is 2.99…then I think I’m going to tick the version number over the 3. There’s no significant changes planned, but if you compare the first release of version 2, from July 2009, to version today’s 2.98, you’ll notice that there has been a huge amount of improvements and additions.