Deleting Ongame Hand Histories on Mac OS X

Someone asked on the Poker Copilot Get Satisfaction site how to delete Ongame hand histories. It is tricky, because Ongame stores hand histories in a hidden file.

So here are step-by-step instructions for finding and removing Ongame hand histories on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):

  1. In Finder, from the “Go” menu, select “Go to Folder…”
  2. In the window that appears, enter ~/.P5 and press enter. You may want to copy and paste that bolded text
  3. Now in Finder a window will open in which you can go through your Ongame Network hand histories, deleting or moving as you want
  4. Once you’ve deleted the hand histories, if you want the changes reflected in Poker Copilot, you need to reset your database. In Poker Copilot, you do this from the “File” menu, by selecting “Reset Database…”

In earlier versions of OS X, the “Go to Folder…” option from step 1 may be slightly different.