Poker Copilot Price Drop for European Union Residents

The “too long; didn’t read version”

As of today, new Poker Copilot customers in the European Union don’t need to pay additional sales tax when purchasing Poker Copilot. Instead, I’m paying the necessary sales tax out of the price. For example: German customers now pay US$69 instead of US$82.11 (US$69 + 19% sales tax).

This means most European Union customers will pay roughly 15% to 20% less for Poker Copilot as of now.

The full explanation

Because I’m based in Germany, a European Union country, I have to charge all EU customers sales tax (aka VAT, MwSt) based on the rate their country charges. Then I have to forward the collected sales tax to the various national revenue services. This is clearly an administrative burden, so I’m happy to outsource all this activity to the third-party payment processor I use. (FastSpring by the way and I recommend them.)

I’ve never like the way that EU customers initially see the price for Poker Copilot as US$69, then find the actual price they must pay is higher than this once their country of residence is set. As a customer I wouldn’t like this, so I don’t expect my customers to be overjoyed with this either. Unfortunately there was no easy way around this that I knew of. Until today.

FastSpring now allows a new pricing mode, whereby EU customers are charged a variable amount depending on their country so that the amount plus tax ALWAYS equals the full price. For example, Germans now pay US$57.98 + US$11.02 (19% sales tax), which totals US$69.

The full US dollar amount is then shown by default in the customer’s country, which is Euros for Germans. This is currently about 52 €.

Here are some more examples:

France Old price: 61 € New price: 52 €

UK Old price: £53 New price: £44

Netherlands Old price: 60 € New price: 52 €