Coming in Next Update: PokerStars Knockout Bounties

I’ve been unusually quiet on the Poker Copilot blog lately. That’s because I’ve been getting the most out of my Central American holiday.

Now I’m in a hotel room in San Salvador, El Salvador, at the end of my trip, and flying back to Germany tomorrow. In the last few days, I’ve done less sight-seeing, trekking, swimming, etc, and rested. So I’ve had time to deal with some Poker Copilot issues. Some specific issues I’ve dealt with:

  • By using “FIle” -> “Add PokerStars Tournament Audit…” you can now add PokerStars Knockout Bounties
  • I’ve changed the way unexpected crashes or power outages are handled. This means that the problems in recent versions with crashes and corrupt databases should be much less.

There are some other small tweaks and fixes which I’ll list when I release the update early next week. I just played a couple of tournaments and noticed that my MacBook Pro was getting extremely hot. It seems Poker Copilot was maxing out the CPU. I want to investigate what’s causing this once I’m back in my full office in Germany.

And now a gratuitous holiday snap:

Heart of darkness