Coming in the next Update: Hand Formatter

When you right-click (or ctrl-click) on a hand in Poker Copilot’s “Recent Hands” Summary, you can “View Hand History Text”.


Screen Shot 2011 08 29 at 1 29 51 PM


The next update will present the text as either raw text or in a nicely formatted, more readable style. Here’s where I’ve got so far with this:

Screen Shot 2011 08 29 at 1 30 13 PM


Before I do more work on this feature, can you tell me your preferred format? I’ve been working with the format created by so far. There’s also the colourful 2+2 format which is a candidate:

Screen Shot 2011 08 29 at 1 35 01 PM

Clearly I can offer multiple formats. But I like to start simple.