Unofficial Poker Copilot Update for Merge Network

Many thanks to the people who download the current Poker Copilot update, tried it with the various Merge Network poker rooms, and sent feedback. I’ve fixed some problems, and you can download an unreleased pre-release semi-release unofficial update with the fixes. It is here:

If all is well with the non-release, I’ll make it an official release in a couple of days.

What’s fixed:

  • You can now set your preferred seat for 10-max tables. Silly oversight on my part.
  • The HUD should now with with MTT’s. It was only working if you were only table 1. A Merge Network bug also reports you as being on table 1 in the hand history files, which confused Poker Copilot.
  • The correct table size is determined for most SNG’s and MTT’s.
  • The HUD works in Players Only. If only they let me open an account, I would have been able to test this properly myself!

You’ll most probably need to reset your database for the table size detection to work properly.