Poker’s Black Friday and Poker Copilot

The partial shutdown of online poker in the USA by the FBI and the Department of Justice last Friday has been labelled Black Friday. At the moment there are many rumours and opinions but nobody knows what the outcome will be.

For me, the worst-case scenario is that online poker remains in trouble in its American home. This destroys the world-wide poker boom, even in the many countries where it is explicitly legal, people find other ways to satisfy their card-playing desires, and Poker Copilot becomes irrelevant.

A better scenario is that the American authorities decide a popular activity like online poker can’t be shut down. It will keep raising again, and the best approach is to regulate it.

I’ll be following events closely in the coming weeks to decide the best course of action. Or inaction.

An event like this was high on my list of potential business threats. I made sure to save well so that I have a safety net.