Poker Copilot Problems with Tournaments on Absolute Poker and UB

Some Poker Copilot users have recently reported that Poker Copilot is not picking up all tournaments on Absolute Poker and UB (the two members of the Cereus Network).

This is because these poker rooms reuse tournament IDs. Poker Copilot uses the tournament ID reported in each tournament hand history to detect which tournament it belongs to. When tournament IDs are repeated, it is hard to reliably keep doing this.

With the help of loyal Poker Copilot customer Erick I discovered that, for example, Tournament ID 5827242 has been used at least 9 times since November, including twice on the same day.

I’m trying to think of a good work-around for this problem. Ideally though, the Cereus Network team would stop reusing tournament IDs.